Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, here I am, and here you are!

I suppose it's about time I get around to posting something around here. I've gotten a few emails from those of you who still check to see if I'm still alive and kicking, and I am! I haven't scrapbooked much since June, however, and it's about time I change that. I've come to a place where I'm happy with my weight, have a routine to get my body in line, and with the boys in school together for the morning, I have some free* time. I also spent some time up in the Lansing area with my dear friend, Genie, and was able to get a few pages done in that time. It was nice, though I hadn't brought much with me for scrapping, and I was able to work on a few pages without having the mass that is my stash to overwhelm me.

So, here you go. Some actual scrapbook pages on a blog about scrapbooking. Who'd have imagined I might actually get around to posting here again? Hopefully, I can become more regular around these parts. I often get urges to get creative, though I put them to the side to get a, b, or c, done and by the time those things get done the urge has often passed.

The last one is my absolute favorite. It isn't often that I get to scrapbook girls, and I love that when I get a serious urge, I can borrow Genie's. This is her youngest daughter, Ellie, and while I adore both of her daughters, Ellie was especially cute and adorable when I was up visiting. I think I might try to steal her one day, when Genie isn't looking. LOL. (Just kidding, Genie. ;) ) I also used the latest Creative Scrappers sketch to inspire it.

* Free time, as defined by the fact that I can have 30 minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet without husband or children where I choose not to do housework or run errands. This doesn't mean it's really free. It is one of those things I call "robbing Peter to pay Paul." But laundry doesn't go bad when left unattended for 30 minutes. LOL


GMS said...

I didn't see the last Ellie one :) They're all beautiful, but I am partial to my girls ;)

Patti said...

Welcome back!!!

Becky said...

So glad to see you here! I know exactly what you mean about a, b, or c needing done even when we have the urge to create...and then won't let ourselves enjoy! Something I definitely need to change.

Laura T. said...

Gorgeous layouts. And yes, that last layout is so beautiful.

Teena in Toronto said...

They look great!